Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady Bug

 Have you ever just made something because you felt like it?? Well this was one of those projects for me.  I saw this cute lady bug on the Silhouette store and wanted to make something fun.  So here is my little miscellaneous project I made.

Lady Bug-- Silhouette Store
Labels-- Silhouette Store
Bottle Label Tag-- Silhouette Store
Dot Kisses-- Jaded Blossom Patterned Kisses set
Birthday sentiments-- Jaded Blossom Birthday Kisses set
"Celebrate" sentiment -- Jaded Blossom Miscellaneous Fun set
"Drink Me" sentiment -- Jaded Blossom Food and Drink  set



crazyaboutcricut said...

What a perfect snack! The stamps looks so super cute. Love those projects you can make just because :O)

Kate said...

Cute Projects. Love the Water bottle tag too. Great color combo

Rosie said...

love both your projects

~ Janey ~ said...